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Dear friend,

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by not having enough self-confidence to walk the streets at night on your own in case you get beaten up?

Have you ever felt you’d like to learn a martial art to defend yourself, family and friends if you needed to?

That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it?

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If you've ever felt these things, then pay careful attention to what I'm about to tell you in the next 5 minutes, because...

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Now, at this point you might be wondering, "Yes, that’s all well and good, but where do I get the knowledge, training and insider secrets to achieve this?”


This Is Where I Come In...

My name’s Ian Fleming, I had the same thoughts and feelings a while back when I had a very near miss with some local yobs near my home.

I can tell you I was scared out of my wits when I was shouted at and threatened for no reason whatsoever. It was obvious they wanted trouble and I was as good a target as anyone.

I managed to keep myself together enough and get away from this gang out for trouble, but it scared my witless I can tell you.

And that experience really made me think long and hard about what I’d REALLY do in that situation again.

And I soon realised...

It Was Obvious I Knew Nothing About
Fighting Or Self Defence!

So I started to look into self defence systems and what I could learn FAST to defend myself.

Through my research, I found what I consider to be the best martial art there is for fast, effective and easy to execute moves in ANY situation...

That system is the ancient art of Jujitsu.

Jujitsu goes back a long way into the mists of time and is THE martial art that all other fighting arts have stemmed from.

In fact, I was so impressed by the simplicity of the moves and techniques; I’ve written a book covering the basics of Jujitsu and a few modern day fighting arts that owe their existence to this long lasting, effective fighting system.


“Combat Jujitsu”

As you read the book, you realise Jujitsu is the foundation on which ALL other fighting styles, systems and fads are built. Just that realisation alone is all the inspiration you need to get started right now.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside...

The 4 Jujitsu combat methods. With these 4 methods of fighting used in Jujitsu, you have an answer to attacks in ANY situation. Master these 4 methods and you won't fear anyone...

The 5 arts of training. These 5 arts are specialised sections within the Jujitsu style. These are the deadly power houses of the art. Every conceivable danger situation has been worked out and counter techniques devised to thwart them. You can rest assured you'll be a force to be reckoned with when you hone and perfect these skills...

Principles of Striking. There are 12 elements to a powerful and crippling strike. Striking an opponent quickly and accurately in the right place will render their attack useless. Here's how to perfect your striking ability at the highest level...

Throwing techniques explained. Jujitsu employs most of the throwing techniques that later became known as Judo. But the Jujitsu throws haven't been watered down for modern day sport Judo. Discover the most effective throws handed down through the ages...

Grasping, Poking, Gouging And Biting. Here's how to do it and target the most vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body in any situation. Believe me; they won't want to stay around too long when you go to work on the places that cause them maximum pain...

Stretching and Conditioning. With any martial arts training, you need to incorporate stretching into your workout. You'll become faster, more flexible and harder for an attacker to overpower. Here's all you need to know to stay ahead of the pack...

Mixed Martial Arts. Find out how this modern style of fighting incorporates many traditional and non-traditional martial arts forms. Mainly a competition sport, there's still a lot you can learn about Jujitsu from MMA...

Two excruciatingly painful ways of locking and holding an attacker. When things get ‘up close’ and personal, use either of these two lock and hold techniques to restrain the attacker. Get this right and you'll have them pleading for mercy in no time...

How to throw anyone with devastating effect. Jujitsu has lots of very painful throwing techniques. Learn the quickest and easiest way to throw an opponent and cause THEM maximum pain...

And lots, lots more...

So as you can see, this book is very comprehensive and covers a lot of ground.

I’ve tried to make this as easy to understand as possible and the comments from people so far have been good.

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But it doesn't stop there ...

If you’re itching to get started with this right away, then just let me say...

If You Say ‘Yes’ To This Bargain $27 Package Now,
I’ll Make It Even BETTER By Including A Great FREE Bonus...

See, during my research into fighting systems, I’ve stumbled on an amazing half-forgotten out-of-print book, full of deadly effective traditional karate techniques. It shows you in detail how to defend yourself (and your loved ones)... so bullies and cowards will think twice before having a pop at you.

And the best bit is, I’ve managed to get the republishing rights to the original book and made it into an easy downloadable book.

It’s called - The Karate Bible.

In fact, it was such a help and inspiration to me...

I Was Determined To Bring This Book
Back Into The Public Eye

And that’s just what I’ve done...

The thing is: Until recently this resource was almost lost to the modern-day Jujitsu student and although it’s helped a small number of people over the last few decades, it's only recently become available again after months of painstaking research and development on my part.

This long-lost book has now been digitally scanned and revamped for the Internet age where, let’s face it - instant downloads are demanded by everyone!

It’s ideal for those interested in quickly mastering EFFECTIVE self-defence...

...or those who want to take on just enough knowledge to make an impact straight away...

Bonus #1

The Karate Bible

Here are just some of the powerful things you’ll learn inside this fantastic book...

The one strike that can be mastered quicker than any other Karate offensive move. And the best bit is -- it can be used in three different ways to completely baffle your opponent!

A quick, decisive and effective attacking technique often used when you want to render your opponent temporarily helpless. Use this with CAUTION!

A swiftly delivered strike that's especially effective on the forearm, neck and ribs. It can cause your opponent stinging, excruciating pain. And there’s nothing better to bring a smile to your face!

How to "kiss" your opponent with this blow. Be prepared to deliver it in a corkscrew motion—digging its way into the stomach, cheek or eyes!

Master one of the earliest striking methods in the art of Karate, dating back many centuries. Use this blow when attacking the ribs or blocking an opponent's punch or thrust!

How to immobilize your opponent's arms and hands. Learn two ways you can temporarily "paralyse" those vital organs and you'll come out on top every time!

How to execute a certain knee attack to temporarily disable a foe. It's so acutely painful; your opponent may double up in extreme agony, then collapse!

Use this ‘special’ forward thrust kick to finish off your enemy. But use it with extreme caution because it can seriously injure your opponent, perhaps permanently. That’ll teach him to mess with you!

Learn blocks and counter attacks to the pressure points and major nerve centres of your opponent's face, body and legs!

Here's what to do if someone pokes or pushes you in the chest. Two great ways to cure them of their bad habit!

How to defend yourself against knife, club and gun attacks. Using nothing but your bare hands, you CAN get the upper hand and give the assailant a good pounding!

Eight effective techniques any woman can use to get out of a threatening situation and dish out some pain on the way!

The correct way to use karate training aids to toughen hands, feet, toes, knuckles, elbows and fingers. These are your lethal weapons!

How to warm up, stretch, condition and warm down the body when training. Do this the correct way and you'll be as fast as lightning in a real fight!

The importance of good health and correct diet. Follow these guidelines and you'll always be fitter, stronger and quicker than your opponent!

All you need to know about PRESSURE points and VITAL NERVE CENTERS. Clear diagrams show you where they are all over the body, so you can attack them and end the conflict in the quickest possible time!

Plus lots, lots more!

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And another thing: I want you to feel totally comfortable when you purchase this product, and the best way to do that is to take the full risk on my shoulders.

So the fairest and safest way is to offer you...

My No Quibble, 60-Day Money-Back
Golden Guarantee

Here's what I want you to do...

I want you to get your hands on this wonderful martial arts resource today. Then go through it...

If after ten minutes you don't already feel you've gotten many times the value of your investment... or you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason (or for no reason at all) within 60 days...

...then I demand you contact me... and I'll return every penny of your purchase to you... quickly and quietly... no questions asked.

And you can keep the book free with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing!

The last thing I want is an unsatisfied customer. So I don’t want you to feel as though you’ve been cheated in any way.

So you really can’t lose when you invest in Combat Jujitsu and the bonus.

OK, If This Is So Good,
Why Am I Offering It At Such A Low Investment?

That’s a great question and one you deserve an answer to...

What you get today is all the effective self-defence techniques and methods I've discovered, so you can use them no matter what your size or gender.

If you trial-and-error your way through this, it would take you several hundred hours to develop and work out your own ways of defending yourself.

However, by simply immersing yourself in the wisdom and knowledge in these pages, you don't have to do that...

So You Save Considerable Time,
Frustration And Heartache!

Not only are you getting my entire Jujitsu research knowledge, and getting it in the best format – PDF, you're also getting the highest quality experience.

My information is right to the point with no fluff or awkwardness, and guaranteed to keep your attention.

Listen: I could easily sell this information for a lot more than I am.

But I know you need to watch every penny these days, so at only $27, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a snip!


We know this is one of the longer letters you've ever read. That's because there is SO much information here - and hey, when we're talking about revolutionizing your fighting confidence, an extra 10 minutes is more than worth it, right?

So I’m sure you’ll agree, you really can’t lose when you invest in Combat Jujitsu and the comprehensive bonus.

What To Do Now...

To get your hands on Combat Jujitsu just hit the order button and you’ll be taken to our safe and secure order processing system.

With just a couple of clicks of your mouse you’ll be downloading Combat Jujitsu and digging into its pages.

And don’t forget, you’re fully protected by my 60-Day, Money-Back, Golden Guarantee.

I’m taking all the risk on my own shoulders, so you really can’t lose!

You know deep down that’s what you really want to do. So do it now while it’s fresh in your mind and before anything else crops up!

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To your success,

Ian Fleming

P.S. Inside Combat Jujitsu you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know to break your fears and make headway in any confrontational situation.

P.P.S. Remember: You’re fully covered by my 60-day, money-back guarantee. I take all the risk on my shoulders so you have nothing to lose!

P.P.P.S. HURRY, because the sooner you learn these techniques, the sooner you’ll be seen as a confident person who’s no shrinking violet. And once people think about you like that – they leave you well alone!

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